More than just mowing the lawn

Lawn Cutting.

Probably our most popular Spring & Summer service is lawn care. Using up to date rear roller, non roller and ride on mulching mowers. We offer regular grass cutting, edging, strimming, weed and feed, scarifying and aerating services.w



Border Maintenance.


Seasonal pruning, weeding, plant care, mulching and lawn edging.

Hedge Cutting.


Using short and long reach hedge cutters we can cut and shape any reasonably tall or overgrown hedge. If your hedge is higher than 10ft, we will then need to assess what further equipment may be required.


Please note: We will try and avoid hedge cutting during the nesting season (generally March - September) Where we do cut decorative hedges during the nesting season a careful inspection is carried out beforehand. (under no circumstances can Cornish Hedging be cut during these times)

Tree Care.


All aspects of Tree Care undertaken

£5M Public Liabilty Insurance,

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