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BioCore Organics create and develop organic supplements, fertilisers and feeds for application into the domestic, agricultural and feed industries.

We take responsibly sourced marine by products, and turn them into earth healing, stimulating, conditioning and organic super feeds.

At BioCore we not only produce organic products that condition your soil and growing medium, we guarantee healthier plant growth and maximum yield for your crops, by delivering a mineral and nutritionally enhanced growing additive.

We understand that years of chemical fertilisation practices, have dramatically reduced the quality of our soils, resulting in poor yield and tasteless food products.

Our Agricultural products have been specifically engineered to immediately boost the microbial life of your soil, and to put back all the vital nutrients that your crops need to reach their full potential, resulting in higher yields and tastier foods, while returning your soil to its organic natural state.


An organic liquid power house, packed with essential micro nutrients and trace minerals. Designed to complement your fertilisation applications, and quickly return your soil to its natural microbial state. Resulting in enhanced root penetration to give your plants,lawn and produce, a boost in yield, growth and overall health.

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